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My interests in history are religion and pre-modern societies. Areas of study that I am more familiar with are: Medieval European, Pre-Modern Military, and ancient Biblical religions. Other areas of interest to me are cinema, paleontology, contemporary foreign policy and politics, and the occult.

GOP Debate

Great debate tonight on CNBC. Lots of applause for smacking around the inane moderators and the media’s mishandling of the debates. Trump seems to be taking things more seriously, and definitely wanting to be the populist candidate. Jeb came across as pathetic attacking Rubio, while Rubio and Cruz had a great night. Feiriona, Paul, and Huckabee were lost in the shuffle, but at leat Paul answered questions asked to him. Many used the time to answer as a chance to plug something else. Champion of this was Kasich who finally took offense, but used so many questions to cut ads on how great Ohio is. He, like Bush seemed petty in his attacks. Defiantly the stable middle of the road candidate, not what the GOP wants now. Chris Christie looked pretty good and could be the establishment champion when Bush finally does the decent thing and quits.